AvidGeo – This Thursday!

AvidGeo, Boston’s #1 social geo group, will  be meeting up this coming Thursday, July 18th, at 6:30 at Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square (map).

Swing by for a beer (or water, or soda, or orange juice) with some friendly geo-nerds, talk shop, and pitch in ideas for fall AvidGeo events.  It should be a good time!

For more information check out AvidGeo’s on twitter or at Meetup.com

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2013 Esri UC

I’ll be out in San Diego for the 2013 Esri UC this week.  Check out my twitter feed, @GISDoctor for updates!

My goal for the week – set a PR in the Esri 5k on Wednesday!

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Updates to BenjaminSpaulding.com

A few years ago my old boss at MAGIC gave me benjaminspaulding.com and some hosting space as a going away gift.  I Didn’t do much with it early on (I built this site instead using the hosting), but eventually I set up a static page with some basic info.

Well, after a few months of poking around I finally got the new benjaminspaulding.com up and running.  Being a geographer, I have some mapping components on the site (powered by Leaflet) along with links to my twitter, linkedin, and GISDoctor sites.  The site is a hobby of mine and by no means do I profess to be a professional web developer.  I did test the page with the latest versions of IE, Chrome and Firefox and everything I wanted to do worked.  However, if something is broken for you let me know.


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