Geography Departments across the United States are often home to GIS education, however many other departments also provide advanced study in GIS and GIScience. What should you know before applying? What school or department is a good fit for you? The following will help you answer some of those questions and make you ask even more!

Know of a school or program that offers GIS training that is not listed here? Let us know in the Comments Section

7 Responses to GIS PhDs


    i want to study phd geoinformatics in ur sch.

  2. Michael says:

    GIS is a dynamic spatial technology. Please I am interested in the PHD programme. Can I have more detail about the programme?

  3. Emadedor O. Joseph says:

    I need an gis study in the Adelaide university, australia. I am a holder of a geography/planning, uniben since 2003 and still no job. I also need 100% financial aids as a self-sponsored nigeria as to this aim. I am determined but i don’t see my country, nigeria, as such. I need your help. Kindly take my message to the agents of the Adelaide graduate centre for consideration. Hoping to hear from you. Many thanks…

  4. Ronald says:

    Emadedor, if there is no demand for GIS in your state then find one that does.. i had to leave NSW and move to QLD for the right opportunity

  5. Sami says:

    I’m interested to find the best university to register my study in GIS PHD

  6. amr_elmasry says:

    I want to apply for phd degree of GIS & R.S (remote sensing ).

  7. reyaz alam says:

    actually i have done master in business administration but i want to do ph.d in GIS..but i dont have much knowledge about it..please help me..

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